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Leslie Baum, Surfside, FL

I had two appointments with her in the last few weeks. I found her to be very professional, painless, nice, friendly, and with a great office. At the beginning she told me there was a possibility I would lose my tooth but she was trying to be as helpful and un-invasive as possible. I recommend her to family or good friends.

Elizabeth, Bal Harbour, FL

A few weeks ago I went to Dr. Steiner for a treatment, a root canal, actually the second time because a few months ago I had another tooth. I would never go to somebody else. The moment you enter her office her staff is greeting you very professionally, makes you feel comfortable and welcome. Then Dr. Steiner comes in, explains the whole procedure, and she walks you through the injection, which of course it hurts a little, but it's just a second. She stays with you, she holds your hand, and within ten minutes, she starts the whole procedure. My procedure was one hour and 15 minutes, it was very difficult, but I am ashamed to say I even fell asleep. After the procedure, Dr. Steiner called me two times to make sure that I am fine. I would highly, highly recommend to anybody who needs a root canal. Thank you and I wish Dr. Steiner the best for her future.

Solomon, Dade County, FL

I just had a terrific experience with Dr. Steiner a couple days ago. I had a tremendous amount of pain in my tooth and didn't know what to do. I went to my dentist finally, it took me a couple of days to get in and my dentist said they couldn't really handle it, it was a little too complicated for them and they referred me to Dr. Steiner. I immediately drove over to Dr. Steiner's office, she saw me right away, she fit me in and actually did an emergency procedure right there within ½ hour of me showing up. All of the pain today is gone, and it was a simple and easy experience. Most importantly to me, not most important, but secondarily important was that Dr. Steiner explained to me what was going on, she told me what the problem was and how we were going to fix it, and then it all went according to plan. So, I'm a happy guy today because of her.

Sandra, Surfside, FL

I am absolute terrified of dentists and have to take loads of things to put me out to do this, that and the other and going to have a root canal was just diabolic until, I went to Dr Rita Steiner and she was terrific.Not only is her office beautiful but she is beautiful and the whole thing was great even for me who is petrified.She made me very comfortable and her staff made me comfortable and I don't know what she did but she did two root canals and I was ok and I was more than OK.I came away happy and that really - totally just doesn't happen to me normally.So if you need a root canal you better go to her because she is absolutely the best and is really, really caring. She checks up on you and makes you feel good and I won't say anymore just that she is totally the best and really the lady to go to! Thanks Dr Rita Steiner.